NEW YORK (December 19th, 2018) - WGI Worldwide, Inc. today announces the completion of a significant corporate restructuring. As a result, WGI has reincorporated in Delaware and will be relocating its headquarters to New York City.

“This is a natural evolution after nearly five years of sustained growth,” said Chance Wilson, WGI’s Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. “These changes give WGI a strong foundation to grow our work around the world. I’d like to thank our lawyers at Gibson Dunn who advised us throughout this restructuring.”

New York City is home to over 50 Fortune 500 companies. Over half of all US publicly traded companies are incorporated in Delaware. Both locations presented an attractive business environment for WGI’s future corporate and legal headquarters, respectively.

Wilson continued “It’s bittersweet for us to be leaving Louisiana, where WGI was founded and headquartered until this point. However we recognize the significance of this milestone. We are proud to call New York City our new home.”

“New York is internationally recognized for its diverse culture and vast reach throughout the world,” added Paul Dietzel, WGI’s Vice Chairman. “I’m excited about the possibilities of having WGI based in New York City.” 

In the coming weeks, WGI’s leadership will take the relevant steps to complete the relocation to New York. This includes the leasing of office space in the city and relevant administrative tasks. Michael Haggen & Jatin Rajput have been named Co-Chairs of WGI in New York, and will be leading operations in the city.

These changes were approved unanimously by the Board of Directors of WGI. All changes are effective immediately.