What if we told you that over 700 million people can't read or write? Hundreds of millions unable to understand schooling, read medication, or even express themselves. This grim reality is what drives WGI and the work we do.

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You can Read

You Can Read is WGI's flagship initiative in the United States. You Can Read is a campaign to empower students to spend more time reading. You Can Read does this by mobilizing volunteers into schools across America to read with students, as well as donating books to these students as well. This campaign plays an essential role in helping students understand the importance of literacy in life. 

You Can Read launched in February 2018 and is active in Baton Rouge, Louisiana & Los Angeles, California. 


read & rice

Read & Rice is WGI's flagship initiative in Asia. Read & Rice supports the education of low income students in the region by organizing free literacy classes. Food is given to those who participate, as an incentive to attend. These two aspects make up the name "Read" and "Rice".

Read and Rice works in local collaboration with partners to reach those who'd best benefit. Read & Rice, using a curriculum designed by WGI, is active in five Asian countries: Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, & Indonesia.