BATON ROUGE (February 23rd, 2018) - As part of its commitment to stop illiteracy around the world, international organization WGI today launched its You Can Read campaign. You Can Read will mobilize volunteers into schools to read with students, as a catalyst to promote and strengthen childhood literacy.

WGI has identified a lack of dedicated reading instruction as a serious issue in childhood literacy. Many students in communities WGI serves are unable to build reading comprehension due to this issue. This can be caused by social economic statuses, lack of classroom time, etc.

You Can Read will play a role in combatting this issue by giving students the support they are lacking to build their reading comprehension. Volunteer readers via You Can Read will dedicate their time to reading with students and helping them become more confident in their literacy skills.

You Can Read, with Coca-Cola and Albemarle as founding sponsors, launched today at Winbourne Elementary in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You Can Read’s launch saw 51 volunteers come into the school to read with almost 500 students.