DAR ES SALAAM (June 22, 2018) - Today, international organization WGI and its local partners in Tanzania have launched their first digital library. A digital library is a room of computers which houses thousands of books, articles, etc.

This digital library was launched with the support of NMB Bank and the British Council. The library is hosted at Kisutu Girls Secondary School in the national capital of Dar Es Salaam. For many of the students at Kisutu, this is their first time using computers at school.

“I want to thank our local partners in Tanzania for their support in making today possible” commented WGI Chairman & CEO Chance Wilson. “It is inspiring to see the WGI vision and mission touch down in Africa.”

WGI, NMB Bank, & British Council spent over a year planning the logistics for this launch. The library is open to all school students and will provide the power of literacy to hundreds of girls in Dar Es Salaam.