Michael Haggen
Co-Chairman, WGI New York

Michael Haggen is Co-Chairman of WGI New York. He shares responsibility, with Jatin Rajput, for all aspects of WGI's presence in the city. This includes our work in New York and our relationship with the local community. A native of Detroit, Mr. Haggen joined WGI in Spring 2018 as a Member of the Global Advisory Board. 

Mr. Haggen is Chief Academic Officer of Scholastic Education, where he is supporting schools across the country through instructional materials for literacy achievement, professional learning programs for teacher effectiveness, family and community engagement initiatives, etc. Mr. Haggen joined Scholastic in 2016. 

Mr. Haggen brings more than 20 years of academic experience, having served as a teacher, principal, chief academic officer and direct report to superintendents in three school districts where his hands-on approach led to change. Under his leadership, schools significantly increased their academic performance. 

Mr. Haggen, a graduate of University of Michigan, has led schools in Baton Rouge, St. Louis, New Orleans, etc. 

Michael resides in New York City.