Malisse Tan
Member of the Global Advisory Board

Malisse Tan is is one of Malaysia's leading businesswomen and entrepreneurs. She has been recognized by CLEO Malaysia, Prestige Magazine, etc. for her trailblazing career as a young female executive. Ms. Tan's experience include rising the corporate hierarchy of a global SAAS company, from Sales Consultant to Managing Director, as well as founding her own start up and extensive community service. Ms. Tan is currently Chief Strategy Officer at the Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship.

Ms. Tan first joined WGI in late 2015, where she built and eventually Chaired our local Malaysian affiliate. After years of dedicated service to WGI, she joined our Global Advisory Board in January 2019 to help drive global operations and strategy.

Ms. Tan, who spent her formative years in New Zealand, is married with one daughter. 

Malisse resides in Kuala Lumpur.