Kuala Lumpur, the bustling national capital of Malaysia, and one of the most dynamic cities in the region.

Kuala Lumpur was a natural destination for WGI as we continued to grow our presence in Southeast Asia. Our Kuala Lumpur affiliate offers us the opportunity to champion the power of literacy in one of Asia's most exciting cities.

WGI Kuala Lumpur has committed itself to supporting refugee children in the country. Through our Read & Rice program, we are supporting this target demographic through local partnerships. WGI Malaysia recently completed a partnership with Yayasan Chow Kit, where we supported local children with our program. 

WGI Kuala Lumpur is sourcing new partnerships to continue expanding the reach of our work. This ultimately allows us to serve more refugee children in the city.

WGI Kuala Lumpur is chaired by Malisse Tan, and is led by the pictured board members.