Chance Wilson
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Chance Wilson is the Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of WGI Worldwide, Inc., an international organization that is educating people around the world to stop illiteracy. Mr. Wilson directs the strategy, operations, and corporate governance across WGI's global network in six cities.

Mr. Wilson founded WGI four years ago at 14 years old, after being presented with a perplexing issue: Many of his friends at school were unable to read and write. This opened a Pandora's Box for him that would change his life, and potentially the world, forever.

After coming to terms with this serious issue, Mr. Wilson turned his imagination to action. He decided to start WGI (Wilson Global Initiative) and do whatever he could to help people learn to read and write. Over these last four years, this drive and determination has built WGI into a leading player in the fight against illiteracy.

Today, at 19 years old, Mr. Wilson continues to lead WGI while balancing his academics. He graduated high school in May 2018 and will begin college in 2019. Mr. Wilson resides in Baton Rouge and counts John F. Kennedy as his hero.