Aaron Kleiman
Co-Chairman, WGI Tokyo

Aaron Kleiman is Co-Chairman of WGI Tokyo. He shares responsibility, with Takeshi Nagai, for all aspects of WGI's presence in the city. This includes our work in Tokyo and our relationship with the local community. A native of Chicago, Mr. Kleiman joined WGI in late 2018.

A twenty year veteran of Japan, Mr. Kleiman is a well-regarded marketing and communications leader, known for his ability to help multi-national corporations navigate Japanese markets. In his current role as Senior Director at George P. Johnson, he focuses on developing amazing client experiences based on insights-based experiential strategy for leading global brands.

Before joining GPJ in 2016, Aaron previously served as General Manager at the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club, where he oversaw the conversion of the club into a koeki-shadan hojin (public good NPO).  The Club regularly offered sporting and cultural events that were meant to benefit the local community – and Aaron hopes to bring a similar spirit of community benefit through his efforts for WGI in Japan. 

Aaron, a graduate of the University of Michigan, is married with one daughter.

Aaron resides in Tokyo.